Friday, 20 March 2009

Just an emotional outburst...Part 1

Honestly if there is any room for global welfare, a tell-tale for fellow humans, it is just the way we have moulded it to be. We are so boisterously absorbed in our interpersonal dealings that nothing apart from an ideally normal life seems to have amused us. The holistic protests and outbursts, military bombardments and mass mortification are no big deal, just a part of life in this seemingly vast biological world. We seem to have busied ourselves into setting up fences around us, an illusive wired entourage shielding against such perilous events. Generation today believes in practicality and rational thinking, for it is equally important to live a commendable life. Look at the world around us, a mass victim of global recession, a scapegoat of constant man-made sabotage and a mere puppet dancing in the hands of fellow nations teaming up to make a peaceful planet Earth. The melody of harmonious and peaceful foundations that some of our ancient leaders have laid is undergoing a disdainful transformation. Soaring sea levels have inflation as one of the most loyal companions , which has only recently tumbled down in recent times. However, there has been a despairing slow down of global economic progress, that scarcely justifies hiking retail prices of goods and services.Why should vendors continue selling tomatoes for twenty bucks? Speaking of retail prices, why is it that dropping recession rates have little affected vegetable and oil prices?