Thursday, 26 March 2009

Realm of terror...

The recent rulers of the Swat valley unleashed yet another one of their visual recordings, disclosing their latest radio announcement. ‘India is next on the hit list’ said Maulana Fazalullah, leader of the Islamist militant who runs an infamous group under the ‘Shariat’ banner. The Talibs whose regime dates back to December 2008 have a steady control over the Swat operations in the valley, the supposedly ‘Switzerland of Pakistan’. The inhabitants of the admirable former princely state are now mere guinea pigs wriggling for a democratic life amidst continual attempts of the Pakistani Government to strike peaceful negotiations with the Talibs. The imposition of Islamic rule on the valley calls for a new set of implicated norms and stringent rules. People residing in the north- west region, especially women are already suffering from the undue restrictions imposed by the Sharia law. Thousands of girls have lost their right to educate themselves, let alone a better future for the desolated counterpart. This alone implies to forlorn right to liberty and fraternity. The Islamic law has constricted the economic progress to traditional Islamic activities on the other hand, precariously put a stop to DVD/VCD sales, usage of mobile phones, listening to music and public executions.
Many months of bloodshed and warfare have compelled one-third of the valley population to flee for their lives. Taliban and Al-Qaeda stand out to be clear winners in this lopsided battle where the Pakistani Government is making desperate measures to shun terrorism. If not for the formers abolishment, let us pray for all those innocent civilians suffering in the dark over the years.