Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The truth behind endurance

I saw it amongst the glossy that day; embedded within the glamour of spot lights,

Of jittery jewels and glittering props, there it stood within their circumvention

Perceiving it as beauty unmatched, I marched towards to get a better view

To clip it and frame it in the RAM of my mind

Only aspiring to stand on my feet to deserve that dress, evoking vulnerability with every glance

Its attractiveness justifying every bit of its class and polish

I am compelled but to walk away stealing glances, here and there.

The other day I went to this shop

Across the street, right next to my class

Hopping along to swoop down and choose

from mounds of restless clothes

I choose one anyway, a bright cheerful outfit

Knowing well that it should suit me

It was only then I realized

The truth behind endurance

The power of infatuation, oh how blind it makes one!

When the thirst for something narrows down your vision

And skims your enthusiasm for a broader view

And blinds you from getting what you actually deserve.

The one that fits you to comfort

with the surety that you are conserved in the best possible ways

As compared to that, which no matter how tempting it seems to be,

guarantees no convenience.

I looked at my choice and smiled;

To the past that taught me to live through few moments of fantasy and romanticism

And to the present that taught me to value things that deserve more than mere noble appreciation.